Nov 20, 2011

WoW Thanksgiving Quests 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving WoW 2011

Tips on how to celebrate Thanksgiving beyond your World of Warcraft or Rift world?

Thanksgiving is widely known for the 4th Thursday of November that may fall about the 24th in 2010. It celebrates the harvest plus the survival of the pilgrims inside the outside world of warcraft and whole world of Rift. Here’s how nearly all of our fellow users celebrate thanksgiving away from WoW and Rift World:

Ideas in celebrating ThanksGiving
  1. Thanksgiving is usually a day for being thankful for all you have, to offer appreciate your all you’ve got through in the blessings receive in 2010. Even little or big things.
  2. Gathering your family and friends together and celebrate it with them.
  3. Make a turkey since your main dish and serve it with sweet potatoes, corn and mashed potatoes when your side dish.
  4. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with kids.
  5. Have a superb night’s sleep for all for Black Friday - biggest shopping day in US and find great deals.
Thanksgiving is another occasion we celebrate with our family. Like the majority of our fellow WoW players plans.

In virtual world you'll find loads of events and quest that application maker did in the way you celebrate Thanksgiving. In WoW, Pilgrim’s Bounty is the event falls within this date. Its activities which occur are cooking, eating and sharing food, food fights, and turkey hunting.

Pilgrim’s Bounty
Duration: Nov 22 - 28
Highlights: Food fights, turkey hunting, easy cooking leveling nearly 350.

ThanksGiving WoW Cooking - Pilgrim’s Bounty

In cooking, you may learn five special recipes that may basically sold through the event from Bountiful Cookbook.

Thanksgiving WoW cooking

ThanksGiving WoW Achievements - Pilgrim’s Bounty

Here’s their email list of achievements may acquire through the Pilgrim’s Bounty:

Thanksgiving WoW achievements

Read here for much more detailed per achievement.

ThanksGiving WoW Chain Quests - Pilgrim’s Bounty

Here’s the list of quest chain that is sending you to definitely the festival grounds outside Stormwind or Undercity.

Thanksgiving WoW quest chain

After the end in the chain, you’ll have this Turkey Caller as a reward.

ThanksGiving WoW Daily Quests - Pilgrim’s Bounty

This daily quests require you some bag spaces and other amount of time in collecting ingredients between days. Why? Because NPC requires someone to bring that cooked food from things that can be purchased in other cities. Well in my opinion, the additional time needed may be worth to spent coz you received these rewards.

Thanksgiving WoW daily quest rewards

Here’s a list of daily quest, you are able to it at WoWHead for more information or at WoWwiki.

Thanksgiving WoW daily quest

Well there’s much to complete enjoy and celebrate this Thanksgiving week. Rift Plat Reviews and SWTOR Credits Reviews are with us to celebrate even simple blessings we received.

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