Feb 25, 2011

WoW in 4D? via ScentScape

wow scent scape
A new product called the ScentScape was presented by creator Scent Sciences. The device is synchronized with whatever you’re watching or playing and at certain points throughout, a specific scent is triggered and sent out to nearby nostrils. This make players more immersive and interactive that before and has the potential to be an endlessly amusing sensory experience.

The machine will hold a cartridge that contains twenty basic scents at the moment, ranging from cinnamon and pine trees in a forest to the ocean, flowers, or smoke. And with how many accurate scents we see being pulled off by places like Yankee Candle, it’s safe to assume the possibilities are endless. These cartridges will be available in standard packs or “media specific,” which is assumed to mean that scents will be customized to a certain movie or game, and are said to last around 200 hours each. How long it really last will depend on you, however, as you will have a “volume” option if you’d like the scent to be weaker or stronger.

Feb 23, 2011

RIFT Guide: How to Create a New Character

rift plat

Whether it’s your first attempt to create a new Ascended hero or merely wish to know the fundamentals of character creation in RIFT, this short guide will help you create the ideal avatar for protecting the world of Telara.

Faction Options
In RIFT, players can join 2 rival factions in their quest to save Telara from the dragons that are attempting to destroy or rule over it.

As a member of the Guardians faction, you may lend your service to the Vigil, a pantheon of powerful gods. Guardians are devout to their cause and use their Ascended powers to guard the innocent on the gods' behalf.
But you can also join the Defiants faction, who distrust the Vigil and rely instead on technology to defeat the planar attackers. Defiants seek long-forgotten magical weapons that help them defeat their enemies and perhaps earn a little RIFT Plat while they are at it.

Feb 18, 2011

DCUO Guide: Popular Builds for Beginners

dcuo builds
Are you making a new hero or villain in DC Universe Online? Get a proficient power-house super-toon when you follow these popular builds for beginners.

For Tough Tanks
Budding tanks should take up the Ice powerset ( Cryogenics specialization ) over the admittedly squishier Fire powerset ( Immolation specialization ). While your damage output will be decreased by twenty percent in Ice tanking form, you'll have full use of damage mitigation talents that raise your defense and toughness stats, and keep you from easily falling in battle. You also get strong resistances against the debuff and control spells of Gadgets and Mental power users.

Feb 7, 2011

WoW Gold Tips In Gold Capping

wow gold tips
WoW Gold Tips in Gold Capping

1. Predict the Market. 

This is the most effective and all time WoW Gold Tips, you can keep your crystal ball in the closet: All you need for this is a bit of creative thinking, an affinity for patch notes. For instance, if the notes claim that a new instance is about to open, and you suspect it's going to require Arcane Resistance, stocking on Arcane Resistance Potions, Trinkets, Materials and Items would be a very wise thing to do. Chances are they prices will rocket at some point, even if not immediately.

Feb 3, 2011

How To Get WoW Free Gold

In the World of Warcraft, no ones fell if somebody will give your WoW Free Gold. But no in this world are free a lot of them are spending great of real cash solely to have 10K. But I am here to share you blokes regarding how to get wow free gold but ofcourse you want to work for it. Here we may principally talk about those classes to make wow gold with their own way. If you're a Druid or Shaman player, you have to take more notice of this information which is beneficial and advantageous for your making gold in the act. Firstly, we start with Druid.

WoW Gold Cheat Techniques, Guides and Tips

wow gold cheat
There's no such thing as a WoW Gold Cheat but you can have WoW Free Gold. before I even start but today I'm going to tell you one or two WoW Gold Cheat techniques! 

The easiest way to make gold in WoW is to discover a good farming guide on the topic because if you're looking for a WoW Gold Cheat they truly don't exist and you can run the danger of getting your account banned!

WoW Gold Tips - How to have gold in instant!

Farming isn't for everybody and it can alter with different classes. Successful farmers make between 80-200g during a farming session.

However there are a couple of WoW Gold Tips that you must remember when you are farming that will help you achieve success at it. Ensure you know what to farm. This indicates that you really should know what you've got the capability to farm and what sells well on your web server.

Feb 1, 2011

WoW Gold | RMT Sites Better Find Other Payment Method

WoW Gold | RMT Sites Better Find Other Payment Method

wow gold

Blizzard is losing cash, and they are not satisfied about it. It was said that the company behind World of Warcraft is pulling off the kid gloves and has asked Paypal to alert the major WoW gold sellers that there accounts would be irreversibly postponed if they do not stop selling WoW gold in return for the real deal. Last week, Blizzard made contact with PayPal over the WoW gold selling issue, and now PayPal has sent word to the sellers, saying they must stop and refrain what they do or they can no long be well placed to use PayPal for as a payment methodology.