Jun 28, 2011

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You'll find almost 27 Millions of results you will discover if you Google for WoW Gold, but only few can be called Best WoW Gold Site. There are several conditions for being called BEST but only FEW succeed and were trusted by players. Let me present you with brief insights which we consider Best WoW Gold Site and now we recommend if you need to obtain internet websites.

To begin with that we wants to share first some pros and cons of buying wow gold and this what almost all of players have resorted to fasten their progress in game. Suppose you acquire 100,000 gold at Epictoon for $222.99, you can get in an hour or two but occasionally you can obtain inside of 15mins after placing your order. After taking your gold you don’t ought to be glued looking at computer for 50+ hrs and do boring grinding to possess that amount. Most players find buying gold as really employed to a shorter period in farming plus more in time raid along with your guildmates.

Jun 27, 2011

WoW Farming Secrets for your Alts

It's quite likely that your class and talent choices aren't worthy of farming. Some classes are far weaker at farming than the others. Might undeniable of life. Similarly, some talent builds can beat others in a few instances. I already made similar post about WoW Farming Secrets but that is more descriptive version.

WoW Farming using your Alts, possible?

But if your talents/class combo isn't best at farming, then, you could have three choices: adapt talents to farming (where possible, evidently this can easily still give you at a big disadvantage from your class), just suffer the pain of it and proceed grinding with a slow pace, or you could roll an alt.

Rolling an alt for farming purposes is a huge time investment. The concept is it will in the end settle - given good enough. Rolling an alt shouldn't be described as chore though, and plenty of people decide to do so simply for a benefits. If you walk this path, you will need to choose a class that's like minded to farming.

Ideal Alt class for WoW Farming

Out of all classes World of Warcraft has I came across Mages, Rogues and especially Hunters are perfect choices. A tip whatever class you decide on, be sure it's ultimately fun that you play.

Mages are perfect using AoE skills. They are able to take lure mobs and kill it inside a shot, make sure to conjure many food for fast mana and hp regen.

Rogues are notable for being fast killers, their backstab and combos are work perfectly fine if you want to look for tough mobs. Naturally the harder the mob the better the drops is.

Hunters, I stumbled upon them good in soloing using their pets and traps they're able to kill mobs in snap without receving any damage.

I found DK and druids are perfect too but like i said previously anything will act as long as you enjoy it. Lots love to farm but many players don’t coz its repetitive task and have them bored. What a lot of them did is they just buy WoW Gold at IGE if there’s any items or equip they need to buy. They cut back a serious amounts of convey more time banging at Arena and raiding.

Check for further WoW Farming Tips and Guides.

Jun 13, 2011

WoW Gold Tips for Patch 4.2

There’s nothing much is going to be happen this upcoming PTR Build 14265. There’s a rumor that this will be launched soon so watch out for it. Here’s the list to anticipate on Patch 4.2 - PTR Build 14265:

1. Two new companion added
2. Increase damage for Might of the Frozen Wastes of DK.
3. Much lower reagents requirements for Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring.

Even there’s no big event to expect I actually do suggest to master time for you to reach WoW Gold Cap by these guides:

1. Mining and Herbalism WoW Farming Guide at Twilight Highlands that you could earn 947.7 gold in 30 mins by farming nodes and herbs at Twilight Highlands.

2. WoW Farming Guide for Volatile an ideal guide regarding how to have more volatiles and Embersilk Cloth for 30mins and earn 729g.

Those are guides that I found useful to earn more gold, check out WoW Farming for additional guides and tips.

For all those gold buyers, check out how to get a 15% Bonus Gold when you buy gold. Month of June is really a gold saving month. Bookmark us to get more tips and wow updates.

Jun 9, 2011

Nintendo Wii U

Next Generation of Wii Console is about to release mid of the year next year (2012), no official release about what month but there's a rumor that it will be release before the summer ends next yeard. The new Nintendo console is called Nintendo Wii U - Nintendo's next home console with a revolutionary new touch screen controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics.

Nintendo Wii U is a bit far from their first console since this not required hand or body movements for you to play, Wii U is more appropriate for players who love to play advance games. With Nintendo Wii U, you can now remove the traditional barriers between games, coz you can play with your friends at the same time and enjoy more playing with each other. You can also play with your friends using a 6.2" touchscreen wireless controller.

Wii U Specs:

CPU : IBM Power®-based multi-core microprocessor.
Video Output : Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i
Video Cables : Compatible cables include HDMI, component, S-video and composite.
Audio Cables : Uses AV Multi Out connector. Six-channel PCM linear output through HDMI.
Storage : The console will have internal flash memory
Size : Approximately 1.8 inches tall, 6.8 inches wide and 10.5 inches long.
Controler : 6.2-inch, 16:9 touch screen and traditional button controls, including two analog Circle Pads.
Others : 
 - Microphone
 - Gyroscope
 - Accelerometer
 - Up to four Wii Remote (Dual-Analog Controls)
 - Two Shoulder Buttons and Two Triggers
 - Front-facing camera

Jun 3, 2011

Rift Public Test Shard Now Live!

At June 02 - 3:00PM PDT, the Rift PTS is right now open for players that are looking to try before Rift 1.3 Update release. Trion Worlds is getting ready to open again to test realm for bug test. For more information, visit Rift Public Test Shard and Rift Forum.

In accordance with Scott Hartsman - Rift Executive Producer there more exciting features to view out on upcoming Rift 1.3 Update, this consists of the Rift Character Transfer at no cost! Their target release is oncoming of summer, for those who can’t wait you have the chance to test it Rift PTS. For instruction concerning how to install and download the PTS Client, just click here.

Gameboy as an Acoustic Percussion Instrument

Nintendo Gameboy is the most popular portable game device back '90s along with top game, Super Mario Land and Tetris. And because of new and more advance game release, Gameboy is out in the market.

Vintage game console is what they call to Gameboy now a days and been display in console collections for those  console game enthusiasts. But in this video below they try to make use of Gameboy as a musical instruments. See this fun video and amaze if you can did the same too with your Gameboy.

This video is from MrSeberi who used the portable console as an acoustic percussion instrument—tapping buttons, throwing the cartridges down, pulling and pushing the power cord or camera in and out, and switching the power button on and off to create a lo-fi music medley with this (formerly) high-tech device.

Jun 2, 2011

Rift Character Transfer

As numerous players chose to switch server due to some reasons like always on queue coz high popularity server or have friends in-real life in other server and etc. Now its the time to switch from one server to another and you will take your character out of the box even the guild level and name if your a guild leader when the Rift 1.3 start. This really is one of the features on which to expect on next major update. Here's the full post from Rift Forum.

Once the next major RIFT™ update hits early this summer, subscribers is going to be treated to a surprise - free Rift Character Transfer. Trion Worlds announced today by using Rift 1.3, players will have a way to move to select servers within their territory once every week, taking all items, achievements, and titles together. Additionally, guild leaders will be able to move their guild’s level and experience.

“MMOs are all about playing with your friends no matter which server they’re on, and that’s why we’re offering this as a free service to our subscribers,” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer. “RIFT is both a game and a service, and adding free server transfers is just one more way we can make this the best possible MMO experience available.”

Whether you need to have fun with friends, check out a brand new server, or avoid queue times on highly populated servers, you’ll be liberated to maneuver around Telara. As a part of this grand experiment, there'll initially be no limits about the number of times you can transfer your characters or guild.

Rift Character Transfer will remain a free service for that near future, and could become a permanent addition towards the Rift experience. Subscribers will be able to perform the transfers within the game itself when the patch is live.

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