Jan 25, 2011

Gear Up with Gold, Buy DCUO Gold

Buy DCUO Gold

Whether you’re an up-and-coming hero of Metropolis or a petty villain planning his first crime spree, DC Universe Online only has one rule for you: Gear up or get out of town.

Combat is at the center of all progress in DC Universe Online, and weapons and armor obtained through questing won’t get you far in the game. The best and rarest gear are all sold via the auction house, of course at the right DCUO Gold price.

You can Buy DCUO Gold or farm it for hours on your free time, but once you have enough, remember to purchase only the weapons and armor that suits the fighting style of your character.

Choosing Weapons: It’s All in the Range

Close-range fighters who like to beat up enemies to­­ a bleeding pulp should purchase brawling and martial arts weapons.

For arms-length combat, you can’t go wrong with one-handed and two-handed weapons. The former can give you faster strikes, while the latter deals more damage between slower swings. There’s also the dual wield and staff weapons that can dish out a flurry of attacks in succession.

If shooting at a distance is more your style, then invest by Buy DCUO Gold on deadly accurate ranged weapons. You can take up a bow like Green Arrow, two pistols like Two Face or a rifle like Arsenal. Part of the challenge of using ranged weapons is choosing the right ammunition type for the encounter, like an explosives-tipped arrow to disperse enemies and shotgun shells to hit nearby enemies hard.

Last but not the least on your DCUO Gold shopping list are hand blast weapons. While hand blasts stem from your innate energy as a superhuman, weapons can still magnify these bursts. And depending on what you chose at the DCUO power list, hand blasts can charge up and fire devastating elemental attacks.

Choosing Armor: Fill Up, Upgrade then Collect

Together with shopping for weapons that will last you until the level 30 cap of DC Universe Online, you should also be filling up your armor slots with exceptional gear.

The armor you got at the starter zones of Metropolis or Gotham City will not cover all the armor slots so head at once to the auction house to fill in the gaps. Having a complete set of armor even at the lower-level content will help you finish quests faster and progress quicker than your peers.

After you’ve filled up all the armor slots of your hero or villain, then it’s time to upgrade them one at a time. Don’t scrimp on these upgrades because you never know when that extra health from a rare chest piece will save you from a boss wipe or PvP encounter.

Once you’ve reached max-level 30, it’s even more important to upgrade to Heroic gear because end-game content will be difficult to complete on normal gear. Other players will also be spending their DCUO Gold for every bit of advantage—don’t let them win by default! Upgrade as fast as you can to make it more a contest of skill than gear.

Only when you’re competitively geared should you focus on purchasing rare costumes that can be added to your Appearance Collection. DC Universe Online is one of the few online games to allow appearance gear that can placed on top of functional equipment. This allows for a great level of customization with regards to the look of your character.


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