Apr 9, 2014

Zygor ESO Leveling Guides – Scam or Legit ESO Guide

Zygor ESO Leveling Guide Review

If you are here finding out is Zygor ESO leveling guide is a scam or legit ESO guide or best ESO Add-ons ever? You come it in the right place, find out below how I reach level 50 in 4 days game time and how Zygor ESO leveling guide made it quick and easy while still enjoying the game.

Also, if you are looking for a guide that will guarantee to get you to Level 50 as quickly as possible you’ll need to check this out Zygor’s ESO Leveling Guide. This guide is able to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend searching for quest objectives, as it shows you exactly where each one is located.

Zygor is just not an ordinary guide, it is created by a team of very experienced players and developers. They are also the same team who create the best World of Warcraft addon - that experience goes a long way, and it really shows with how smooth their ESO Add-on works.

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Essentially, this is an in-game add-on that will guide you through the entire leveling process for your faction — equipped with a directional arrow and distance meter, it was able to save me countless hours of frustration with certain quests, and it can do the same for you.

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With Zygor’s Add-on, you get several way-points that guide you to the precise location for your next task, and these are intelligently placed on the map to ensure you’re taking the quickest route. You can also switch between active quests with the push of a button, and the addon will even show exactly how far away the objective is — this allows you to quickly find the most nearby quest.

What I like most with this ESO leveling guide, it made leveling relatively fast, made me more efficient by keeping more focused on the task. I’ve been playing ESO for a while and I may say I’m very satisfied for what I bought and my money is really worth it.

Before I used the add-on, I would always stop to check my map between quest objective (sometimes more than once per quest), and every so often I would get distracted with something else and waste a few minutes. This, combined with the efficiency, is more than enough of a reason to check out Zygor’s ESO Guide.

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