Aug 25, 2011

Rift Free To Play

Beginning 25th to 31st of August this year, all MMO lovers can PLAY RIFT for FREE because it celebrates its Half-Birthday Week, celebrating its sixth month anniversary.

Each are permitted play for free either you’re a new players, returning subscribers, or current/former trial players.

And listed below are features you can expect:

1.Free access to RIFT, together with access to all levels, zones, dungeons, PvP Warfronts, plus more !

2.Gain access to to any characters from a prior subscription or trial account.

Compared with the RIFT free trial program in which restricts use of particular zones and imposes a level cap, this week of free play should open up every aspect of the game, from Warfronts to end-game Hammerknell raiding (assuming you level fast enough).

3. All gamers participating in the free play week shall be permitted gifts under three major contests:

• Over-Achiever* Contest - The character honored the most achievements between August 25-31 will win.
• Celebration Screenshot* Contest - Send a screen shot of your character rejoicing on RIFT’s half-birthday in the least suitable spot (or fashion) for a party in Telara. She or he who parties the heartiest wins the prize!
• RIFT Half-Birthday Cake* Contest -Bake RIFT a half-birthday cake and submit an image. May the top cake (or half-cake) win.

For more information on how to PLAY RIFT for FREE and what things to look forward their Half-Birthday week. There are lots of exciting rewards at stake, so check out our for it!

Aug 9, 2011

Reforge Calculator - Should Have WoW Addon

ReforgeLite is truly a brand new addon produce by ReforgeLIte is a calculator designed for lightweight reforging. This should help you to discover optimal strategy to reforge on one of your equipment having given stat weights as well as caps. This is certainly commonly used to damage dealers, due to the fact other roles don’t have caps as essential as Hit/Expertise.

Making use of Reforge Lite

1.Type /reforge or speak with reforging master to open addon window. And you’ll see the current stats at the left of screen while at the right side you can set up stat weights/caps or select a present preset.

2.Pick up to two capped stats (e.g. hit rating and expertise rating). In each stat, you could pick out and arbitrary amount of threshold value manually or make use of the default (e.g. melee hit cap). Forcing the stat value still possible if you want it to be above or below the threshold.