Dec 21, 2011

Best SWTOR Tanking Tips

Best SWTOR Tanking Tips

SWTOR PvP Tanking Guide objectives will be to let you along learning to be a BEST SWTOR Tanker. Locating the suitable SWTOR crew skills, talents, equips and perhaps things to use to enhace if you are a swtor tanker.

So as you're leveling as Defense, you're heading to be very frustrated in PVP until your mid 20's. Why? Since you lack your skills yet. You aren't going to doing damage like your peers that will be already commencing to spec because of it.

SWTOR PVP Tanking Guide

Don't worry this is why with all the current early 30's I find myself about SWTOR Tank PVP. I quite like it. That is certainly very different coming from WoW together with other similar MMO's. Should you were PVE spec, you is actually a decent Flag Runner or you'll be the use in AV. In regular PVP? No way.

SWTOR is a total different game.  And coming throughout the tank's perspective Couldn't get enough. Your guard, taunt, and aoe taunt are insanely useful tools.

Not only am i in a position to nerf other players through standard debuffs causing them to squishier, and I'm able to start a numerous open damage, though with my skills I can easily use a healer up by siphoning off damage using guard then taunting them first more 30% damage reduction. Also together with the AOE debuff I recently now nerfed everyone's damage at the doors in Void Star. Nonetheless the real be worthwhile is Force Push. Before level 30 or so that you would definitely be a second class citizen to the warzone. Inadequate damage without skills or healing to off install it. Now in Void Star & Hutt Ball you're an exilerating star. It really is great in Alderaan if it's possible to push someone LOS of folks they're healing or not even close their team and inside the band of your people. And also in Void Star status pushing people not even close ledges and bridges making use of their doom or huttball where you live besides a pass reciever, but a strategic team member.

Also the time Stasis is good for leveling and PVP. Someone thinks they're about to obtain? Nope, force leap, hilt strike (2 second stun), stasis (3 more seconds) then join shortage of and force push them within the pit.

Nothing better in the 1 point Huttball as opposed to get instantly to the sting and then be thrown back employing a tank.

Now a tank is undoubtedly an integral an element of a PVP team and when damage (shocking thought!) and intensely playing a spoiler role. You will possibly not become the all star with 300k in damage however, you could possibly be the guy with 100k in damage and 50k in defense. Next time you're rolling with your healers, test it out, determine if they will not thank you later.

SWTOR PVP Tanking Guides

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