Feb 18, 2011

DCUO Guide: Popular Builds for Beginners

dcuo builds
Are you making a new hero or villain in DC Universe Online? Get a proficient power-house super-toon when you follow these popular builds for beginners.

For Tough Tanks
Budding tanks should take up the Ice powerset ( Cryogenics specialization ) over the admittedly squishier Fire powerset ( Immolation specialization ). While your damage output will be decreased by twenty percent in Ice tanking form, you'll have full use of damage mitigation talents that raise your defense and toughness stats, and keep you from easily falling in battle. You also get strong resistances against the debuff and control spells of Gadgets and Mental power users.

Choose martial arts and brawler weapons, and pick armor pieces with the highest defense and health numbers. Tanks are highly conditional on gear and consumables so take care to spend DCUO Cash on gear and accessory upgrades, repairs and soda colas.

For Devastating Damage-Dealers
As a damage-dealer, you've got the most flexibility in selecting your build. All six powersets carry a viable specialization line so just select one that appeals to you. The more significant decision is selecting what your attack range will be.

If you are partial to close-range combat, then stick to brawling and one-handed weapons for their might stat bonuses. But if you would like to become a long-range sharpshooter, then the dual pistol fighting style should be on top of your list.
Save your DCUO Cash for powerful weapons instead of armor, particularly in PvE, because significant stats like precision can be found mainly on weapons. But with regard to the overall priority of stats, might should still be your top focus because it dictates the bonus damage added to your standard and special attacks.

For Effective Crowd Controllers
Crowd controllers can dish out stuns, debuffs and buffs on a sustained pace. Among all of the roles, controllers are the most under-appreciated in DCUO, but they can be catastrophic to an enemy team or PvE boss when specced in the correct way.

All new controllers should adopt either the Mental ( Illusion specialization ) or Gadgets ( Traps specialization ) powersets. The key stat you would like in your gear is dominance, which decides how long your crowd control spells will last.

Controllers are also tasked with restoring the power bars of their team mates, which is where the vitalization stat becomes especially valuable. Be certain to spend your DCUO Cash on gear that carry these 2 critical stats, particularly hand blaster and staff weapons for the dominance stat, and rifle weapons for the vitalization stat.

For Strong Healers
If you'd like to save your colleagues from the edge of death, then the healer role is ideal for you. Pick either the Nature ( Plants specialization ) or Sorcery ( Destiny specialization ) powersets which unlock the best mixes of healing spells and skills. Load up on the restoration stat as it dictates how big your healing numbers will be. Restoration is your most crucial stat.

Dual wield weapons offer the maximum bonus for this stat so grab them when you can. You may also trade your DCUO Cash for alternate one-handed and staff weapons for higher critical heals.

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