Mar 14, 2011

DCUO GUIDES: Classes and Role

Is it important to figure out what exactly classes and role you want to be. Hope this DCUO Guides: Classes and Role will give you an idea on what classes to pick.
  • Damage Dealers, which specialize in dealing damage to enemies. Damage dealers are usually good at playing solo and are powerful in large-scale player versus player battles.
  • Tanks, which specialize in taking damage from enemies. The best tank appears to be Ice / Martial Arts / Acrobatics at the moment, so this should be your choice if you want to be a tank.
  • Healers, which specialize in healing tanks and damage dealers. Plant specialization within Nature and Destiny within Sorcery are only the real healing powers in this game and all healers in this game are hybrids (double as damage dealers or just good solo classes).
  • Support classes, which offer beneficial bonuses to allies, boosting their strength. There are no true support classes in this game as all support classes have has decent damage-dealing abilities. Instead, some heroes have a “control” mode which gives them a variety of crowd control powers.
  • Hybrids, which perform one or more of the above tasks with their own twist. An example of this is the Destiny specialization within Sorcery. These classes provide support and healing but still dish out plenty of damage.
Each of each classes have unique skills and role you just need to know what type of class that fits you. In WoW, I'm a troll hunter a DPS type so when I start DCUO I chose Damage Dealers. Playing on what you are familiar with would be a great start. Just a tip don't be frustrated if you think your first toon is not what you expect remember this is a new game everybody is experimenting for ideal builds and stats. So if you got messed up with you skill, still okay I'm sure you'll be good on next.

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