Mar 11, 2011

Top 8 WoW PvP Videos

After long day of battleground I just notice that I'm still a noob and need more practice for my hunter and my pet. So I logout and watch more videos for more hunter moves. But I just notice that I need to study other class do so I can anticipate what they planning to do.

So I'd like to share with you guys hope you it might helpful for you also most of the videos are old but very useful. Here's my Top 9 WoW PvP Videos.

Rank #8 : Boneshock Destro Warlock PvP

Rank #7 : Fear of the Moonkin

Rank #6 : PvP Battlegrounds Holy Priest

Rank #5 : Paladin Vs Shamen 40 vs 40

Rank #4 : Ice Mage With Brilliant PvP Skills

Rank #3 : Insane Shaman Windfury Crits

Rank #2 : Rogue PvP Mastery

Rank #1 : Godlike Arcane Mage pvp in Warsong Gulch

Well that's my Top 8 WoW PvP Videos of all time, I just update that next time when I found new.

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