Feb 25, 2011

WoW in 4D? via ScentScape

wow scent scape
A new product called the ScentScape was presented by creator Scent Sciences. The device is synchronized with whatever you’re watching or playing and at certain points throughout, a specific scent is triggered and sent out to nearby nostrils. This make players more immersive and interactive that before and has the potential to be an endlessly amusing sensory experience.

The machine will hold a cartridge that contains twenty basic scents at the moment, ranging from cinnamon and pine trees in a forest to the ocean, flowers, or smoke. And with how many accurate scents we see being pulled off by places like Yankee Candle, it’s safe to assume the possibilities are endless. These cartridges will be available in standard packs or “media specific,” which is assumed to mean that scents will be customized to a certain movie or game, and are said to last around 200 hours each. How long it really last will depend on you, however, as you will have a “volume” option if you’d like the scent to be weaker or stronger.

At the moment, it looks like the first attempt at making this the next big thing will be in realms of PC video games, but there is full intentions of it working with all gaming platforms and eventually movies, TV, and so on.

This brings us to the speculation that World of Warcraft will be the first to step up and try this out. I can't imagine my self while farming for wow gold, killing some boars that I can smell them too. While completely unconfirmed, there are images (as seen above) of the product toting the marks of WoW. So might you MMO fanatics be the first to be able to run through a field of flowers, buy wow gold and smell as your Mage would, or the bonfire at a campsite? And if want to know when this this come out, just time will tell coz its still unconfirmed.

I do wonder if this is completely done for WoW what game would be next? I will get more excited if they announced that they will apply it for dcuo cash and rift plat.

If done right and the smells are accurate enough, it could help to create a 4D experience right in your own homes, so the idea is quite intriguing on its own. But is this something that excites you, or is it just another novelty?

source: geeksofdoom.com

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