Feb 23, 2011

RIFT Guide: How to Create a New Character

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Whether it’s your first attempt to create a new Ascended hero or merely wish to know the fundamentals of character creation in RIFT, this short guide will help you create the ideal avatar for protecting the world of Telara.

Faction Options
In RIFT, players can join 2 rival factions in their quest to save Telara from the dragons that are attempting to destroy or rule over it.

As a member of the Guardians faction, you may lend your service to the Vigil, a pantheon of powerful gods. Guardians are devout to their cause and use their Ascended powers to guard the innocent on the gods' behalf.
But you can also join the Defiants faction, who distrust the Vigil and rely instead on technology to defeat the planar attackers. Defiants seek long-forgotten magical weapons that help them defeat their enemies and perhaps earn a little RIFT Plat while they are at it.

Race Options

After you have promised loyalty to one RIFT faction, you'll be asked to make a choice between 6 playable races.

The Defiants are made of the tattooed Bahmi, the nomadic Eth and the rebellious Kelari elf races while the Guardians are an alliance of the skillful Dwarf, honorable Mathosian and statuesque High Elven races.
Each race has got 3 unique features, which include passive elemental resistances, stat bonuses and out-of-combat capabilities. All races in RIFT are represented by female and male avatars, with females usually being leaner and a little shorter in height.

Class Options

After picking a faction and race, you currently have to focus on one of 4 callings: Mage, Rogue, Cleric or Warrior. Inside each calling are 8 basic souls or classes that establish your collection of spells and abilities.
Looks-wise, each calling will dictate the sort of armor you can wear. As a Mage, you have got the most restricting dress code of only cloth armor. Rogues can wear both cloth and leather armor. Clerics can wear cloth, leather and chain armor. While Warriors can wear fundamentally anything, even the highest defense plate armor.

You can spend RIFT Plat later on in the game for rare armor and costumes that may set your toon apart rather more. Special dyes can be bought in exchange for RIFT Plat to modify the colour of your present armor.

Avatar Design Options

The last section of personality creation will let you customise more than 12 physical features on your RIFT Avatar:

-         Face shape (Square, Triangle, Circle or anything in between)
-         Eyes (color, size, rotation and eyebrow style)
-         Nose (size and tilt)
-         Mouth (size)
-         Ears (horizontal and vertical length)
-         Hair (base color, highlights and style)
-         Markings (color and style)
-         Makeup (color and style)
-         Body (skin color and height)

If you are the type who needs to change looks once in a while, RIFT is taking a look at starting a barbershop feature where for some RIFT Plat you can re-do the facial choices on your Ascended hero.
The final step is to give your toon a name, after which you will be carried to the beginning section where you may commence your fantastic journey in RIFT.

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