Jan 21, 2011

Superhero or Villain? Pick Your Side in DC Universe Online

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 Ethics check : Given the likelihood, will you save the world and bask in the admiration of millions or control it with an iron fist while millions fear your wrath? The decision is yours to make in DC Universe Online. 

As the 1st MMO based totally on the commended titles of DC Comics, DC Universe Online permits you to create your extremely own superhero or villain character. You can design this character’s powers and costume, and go on daring quests as you hound the liberty or domination of Earth. 

Whatever side you finish up selecting, both will give you exciting journeys. Heroes can protect the trusting and get dc universe online gold as a reward for their efforts, while villains can overthrow presidencies and steal DCUO Gold for their inconsiderate ends. 

Lead Brave Campaigns

As a part of the Heroes clique in DC Universe Online, you'll be able to make a choice between 3 classic mentors: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Superman guides the new crop of meta-heroes in safeguarding the voters of Metropolis as a large number of invaders try to cause chaos in city. 

Superman will join the battle occasionally to help, but do not count on him to make the fighting all too simple for you. As a coach, he will be able to only lend his forceful moveswhich include super strength punches, invulnerable defense, freezing breath and heat visionduring the most vital fights. The same applies for the 2 other Heroes mentors: Wonder Woman who will guide the wizardry heroes and Batman who will take tech heroes under his wings. At the start, it is going to be hard to confirm your worth to your coach. Your starter gear will only give you the bare minimum of statistics and you can only complete easy quests. But when you start spending your DCUO Gold to get the very best gear at the auction house, you may notice a large jump in power which will earn the status of your Heroes coach. 

Plot Villainous Schemes
If saving the world isn't your notion of an exciting gaming experience, then DC Universe Online gives you the choice of being a nasty villain. Lex Luthor leads the band of meta-villains in the game, and promises to improve your killer instinct to the point of challenging even the great Superman. Lex Luthor uses his insane genius to create technologies that will decimate all those that stand in the way of his plans. He will end up being a valuable coach as you rise the ranks from unknown villain to a most wanted criminal. 2 other Villain coachs are actively rearing new sign ups : Circe will develop the destructive potential of wizardry villains while The Joker will show tech villains the easiest way to cause the maximum quantity of havoc in as little time as feasible. As a villain, it'll take a lot to provoke your infamous mentors. The best way to get their interest is to spend DCUO Gold on the strongest weapons and armor available at the auction house. Gearing up enables you to tear thru enemy mobs and clear missions in record time. 

Shortly , you will have a street cred which will shock even the most brave of Heroes. 


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