Jan 10, 2011

Spend DC Universe Online Gold to Gear Up and Smash Enemies

They say money is power, and in DC Universe Online, it's Gold that gives your character the invincibility of Superman or the mad genius of Lex Luthor.

DCUO Gold allows you to get better gear and obliterate all opposition in DC Universe Online, the 1st superhero MMO based somewhat on the comic books of DC Comics. With enough DCUO Gold, even your freshly made characters can strap on impressive gear from the get-go.

Boost your Firepower with Stronger Weapons

Each comic hero and villain has a weapon they prefer to use. Batman, as an example, likes to thrash criminals with a mixture of martial arts and gadgets, while Joker can bust out a Gatling rifle when fighting multiple enemies.

The same applies for DC Universe Online, where your character can select between 10 different weapon types. Make him a close-quarters combat expert with a brawling or martial arts specialization, or turn him into a marksman that wields a long-range rifle or twin pistol specialization.

Do not forget to check the DCUO power list at the start of character creation to figure out which powers go well with which weapons. There are twelve power trees to select from, resulting in a variety of mix-and-match attacks like fiery uppercuts and ice-tipped arrows.

Whatever weapon you finish up taking with you, upgrade it straight away since low-level weapons only put out feeble damage. Bring enough DCUO Gold before heading to the vendors or auction house so that you can snap up the best weapons before others can.

Last for longer with Sturdier Armor

Sure you can dish out the damage, but can you take it just as well? Strengthen your character against enemy attacks by filling their armor slots with rare gear.

A standard mistake is to leave certain armor slots empty. Do not do this because additional defense can make a difference in DC Universe Online. When you have filled up all of your armor slots, then you can focus on upgrading them to the max. Starter armor are widely known for only having basic stats so trade up for auction house or vendor-bought pieces.

Spending a bit of DCUO Gold for better armor will help you last for a lot longer against hard bosses and PvP enemies. Consult the DCUO power list as well to test if a gear that bestows special resistance and on-use capabilities will be a good match to your character build.

Be a Star with Rare Costumes

Your weapons are smashing and your armor is impenetrable-what's left to do, you ask?

Well, why not rock the special costumes in DC Universe Online. The game has lots of collectible costume sets which will give your character a wide range of looks. Wear trademark pieces like Harley Quinn's mask or Batman's engraved armor to live out your superhero dreams.

A number of these costumes can be earned thru special achievements but if you do not have the time to grind, then it's much easier to buy DCUO Gold and purchase the costumes through the auction house. Collect as much as your DCUO Gold can afford as the game provides enough storage for these amusing costumes.

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