Aug 25, 2011

Rift Free To Play

Beginning 25th to 31st of August this year, all MMO lovers can PLAY RIFT for FREE because it celebrates its Half-Birthday Week, celebrating its sixth month anniversary.

Each are permitted play for free either you’re a new players, returning subscribers, or current/former trial players.

And listed below are features you can expect:

1.Free access to RIFT, together with access to all levels, zones, dungeons, PvP Warfronts, plus more !

2.Gain access to to any characters from a prior subscription or trial account.

Compared with the RIFT free trial program in which restricts use of particular zones and imposes a level cap, this week of free play should open up every aspect of the game, from Warfronts to end-game Hammerknell raiding (assuming you level fast enough).

3. All gamers participating in the free play week shall be permitted gifts under three major contests:

• Over-Achiever* Contest - The character honored the most achievements between August 25-31 will win.
• Celebration Screenshot* Contest - Send a screen shot of your character rejoicing on RIFT’s half-birthday in the least suitable spot (or fashion) for a party in Telara. She or he who parties the heartiest wins the prize!
• RIFT Half-Birthday Cake* Contest -Bake RIFT a half-birthday cake and submit an image. May the top cake (or half-cake) win.

For more information on how to PLAY RIFT for FREE and what things to look forward their Half-Birthday week. There are lots of exciting rewards at stake, so check out our for it!

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