Jul 19, 2011

WoW Cross-Realms Invites - FAQ

WoW Cross-Realms Invites - FAQ

As the new WoW Cross-Realms invite is live, you could now have a way to invite your friends even they may be in a different server when using the Real-ID. It is service is ideal for FREE for WoW US only, no update when will this be live for WoW EU as of the moment as this is in free trial but there’s a rumor that demand charges soon.

Across the forum, you will find mix opinions about with this. Several are overwhelmed coz they will spend playtime with their friends and wishing that feature might be easily obtainable in raid too (finger crossed).

There are few very pleased with these changes, but most of those upset this that they need to pay extra due to this. Well let’s search for final Blizzard final announcement.

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