Jul 20, 2011

Warcraft Gold and Rift Platinum Coupon List for July 2011

Warcraft Gold and Rift Platinum Coupon List for July 2011

This is actually the variety of coupons you can use whenever you purchase warcraft gold and even rift platinum. Purchasing in game currency for last month is radically rise for the reason that top two MMORPG had made their patches the Warcraft Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands and even Rift 1.3: Waves of Madness.

Fresh items as well as equips are released; and interest in gold grow. But we just got lucky aside to have big needs these firms (Epictoon, IGE and also Guy4game) are usually generous and in addition they still provide several bonuses for their loyal consumers. Well I reckon that it’s also due to competition , they wish to reign on the top and also be the ‘Best Place to Buy Wow Gold’ as well as ‘Best Place to Buy Rift Platinum’.

The coupon is not permanently however I’m sure there tend to be ahead however i can’t meaning that you might have it for as little as $13.69 / per 100 plat since the requirement for gold rise. Well, here’s the list of coupons you can use to have a very 10% Bonus Gold for every Rift Platinum and also Warcraft Gold you obtain.

1. EPICTOON - 10% Bonus for each and every wow and even rift you pay for. Coupon is EPICSAVINGS, this may upto midnight of July 25th. For more details check out Epictoon Coupon.

2. IGE - 10% Discount, sold for Rift and even Wow. Applied this discount code, GOPRO when you finally choose server & faction as well as desired amount. This is also limited upto July 25, 2011. Check out for IGE Coupon for more details.

3. GUY4GAME - Upto 15% bonus gold for Wow and 5% Bonus gold for Rift. No coupon needed just choose your server, faction and also amount the bonus is automatically added when delivered.For price and gold details you may visit Guy4Game Coupon.

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