Jul 13, 2011

Rift addons now on Curse!

Rift addons now on Curse!
With addon functionality arriving in Rift each day currently, the Curse.com website has introduced an avid Rift page where Telarans start downloading custom addons for any game. Right now, there are merely dozen and perhaps applications available. But expect this number to explode once addons become excited in live servers.

When will this be precisely? Up to date stories from Trion Worlds is always that the addon feature is being tested on Alpha server, the ultimate step before exact release. It's intended as included in the new Patch 1.3, but resulting from some bugs, the developers turned off from its debut for quite a few final tests. Hopefully, we will start modifying our UIs from the month or before Patch 1.4, at the newest.

It's a really tribute to success and acceptance of Rift that Curse.com thought we would service the game play. It can be no cost MMO to find such support in the exact location. Curse.com is among the most significant add-on distributors for WOW, with favored applications like Recount ( a damage meter display ) and Bagnon ( a list boss ) reaching a small number of a large number of downloads.

Rift should see direct equivalents of addons, since both games share the importance to monitor debuffs, customise cast bars and compare combat performance to the most of the raid team. Standard of life applications that manage Rift Platinum across alts and gear inventory should additionally be irreplaceable. Bookmark the Rift addon page finally and check back occasionally to remain the first to discover the nifty addons.

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