Jun 3, 2011

Gameboy as an Acoustic Percussion Instrument

Nintendo Gameboy is the most popular portable game device back '90s along with top game, Super Mario Land and Tetris. And because of new and more advance game release, Gameboy is out in the market.

Vintage game console is what they call to Gameboy now a days and been display in console collections for those  console game enthusiasts. But in this video below they try to make use of Gameboy as a musical instruments. See this fun video and amaze if you can did the same too with your Gameboy.

This video is from MrSeberi who used the portable console as an acoustic percussion instrument—tapping buttons, throwing the cartridges down, pulling and pushing the power cord or camera in and out, and switching the power button on and off to create a lo-fi music medley with this (formerly) high-tech device.

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