Apr 4, 2011

Things I can do with Samsung Smart TV

My first time to attend a Blogging Seminar and it was fun and informative. I learn new things about blogging and meet new people (bloggers), thanks to iBlog for hosting the 7th Philippine Blogging Summit last April 1 – 2.

I’m not a techy guy and always contented with what I have. But everything has changed when Samsung Smart TV was introduced. I bried you some information about Samsung Smart TV:

Samsung SMART TV is the first TV App Store in the Industry. With these following features:
  • Web Connected TV Apps with tons of application
  • With Social Network Services plug-ins like Facebook and Twitter
  • Easy to surf the internet using Touch Screen Remote Control
  • Play your favorite games
  • Watch basketball and football online 
The Natural Multi-sensory design of Samsung TV feel you more comfort while using it. With its ground breaking and super narrow bezel design make this TV that you ever want in your life.

Feel the full 3D experience with 3D picture quality and the first ever 3D sound system.

And now I have a chance to to have this well thanks to Samsung Smart Tv for giving us (blogger) a chance to win this All-in one TV.

While watching the demo video from Samsung, there are lots of things stumbling in mind that I can do with this Samsung Smart TV. What are they? Samsung Smart TV has all the things I want when at home from work. Watch my favorite programs at TV, play my favorite games and surf the internet using touch screen remote control, watch YouTube, watch movies with my wife and enjoy the full 3D features of Samsung Watch TV and of course chat with my friends and check updates at Facebook and tweets cool links with my Twitter.
Actually there are lot of things to do, I'm just stoping my self bump in ideas from me to stay calm and create this post.

I really want Samsung Smart TV badly and now having the opportunity to win this via a blogging contest, I'll make sure I'll get this one. I really need to win and I must win! 


Share your stories on what you can do with Samsung Smart TV by visiting Samsung. See the mechanics on how to join and watch more video by ‘Like’ their page at Samsung TV Ph. Send your entries and have the chance to win this cool SAMSUNG SMART TV.

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