Dec 28, 2010

Tips on how to spend your WoW Gold wisely with your profession

What do progression raiders, arena gladiators, and auction house barons have in common? Two things: Dedication and maxed out professions.

While you can’t buy dedication, maxed out professions are easy to get with enough WoW Gold. It’s no secret that leveling professions is one of the most Gold-intensive activities in the game, but this is for a reason. Maxed out professions unlock recipes and stat bonuses that help players of all disciplines get an edge.

In Cataclysm, professions will raise their skill cap to 525 and it should be your goal to reach Illustrious Grand Master proficiency as fast as possible. You can buy wow gold at or farm it through hours of dungeon running – just make sure to consult the guide below so you don’t regret spending thousands of WoW Gold on the wrong profession.

Mining is Still King for Tanks

You won’t go wrong investing your WoW Gold in Mining, especially as a tank spec in World of Warcraft.

Mining will continue to provide its Stamina stat buff and maxing it out will be useful for tank-related crafting professions like Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering. If you plan to blaze through the new Cataclysm dungeons, you won’t really have time to camp mining nodes.

To avoid the waiting and just concentrate on dungeon running and raiding, aspiring tanks like you should just purchase raw ores at the auction house and just process them into metal bars. You’ll still get comparable skill level increases minus the boring grind or pathetic ninjaing.

And don’t cry about all the lost income. The real money in Cataclysm is in creating the high-end items in Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering. You can use your processed bars to create epic gear for yourself, bringing down the cost when you purchase it from other crafters.

Engineering and Jewelcrafting are Golden for DPS and PvPers

Engineers continue to be one of the most selfish, but rewarding, professions in Cataclysm. Engineering has profession-exclusive epic helms with special “cogwheel sockets” that, if fitted properly, will be a cut above the Tier 11 class gear.

For competitive DPS and serious PvPers, this means Engineering can give them an edge against the masses who will be farming badges to get their Tier 11 gear. Hunters will also be able to create modifications for their guns, bestowing it with custom stats for that extra bit of DPS boost. Tinkers also stack with enchants – a wet dream for min-maxing PvPers.

Jewelcrafting provides craftable blue gear that can be a holdover before you begin to rack up the nice purples. Specs are bound to change constantly as balancing changes take into effect, and maxing out Jewelcrafting makes it easier and cheaper for you to swap into desirable gems.

Both Engineering and Jewelcrafting might force you to buy additional batches of WoW Gold because their end-game Cataclysm recipes require a lot of materials to craft. But take heart: they’re still less Gold-intensive than Blacksmithing.

A few DPS might get Skinning for the 80 critical strike rating bonus, but you should avoid getting it unless you’re also specializing on Leatherworking.

Herbalism for Healers, But Others Could Work

Lifeblood has been improved, making it attractive for healers. Aside from the minor self-heal that could spare you casting one heal for yourself, it also grants you a major haste boost for 20 seconds—perfect for those heavy damage phases in dungeons, raids or PvP.

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