Oct 5, 2010

Need Your Opinion, If FFXIV Is Worth To Play Or Not

It’s a long 3 days since I'm looking for a decent review for Final Fantasy XIV. I'd like to hear the review from those who had experience and has played the first day of the game recently released of Final Fantasy XIV.

As they said FFXIV is almost close to FFXI, but improve more on gameplay and graphics. But as I look comments on some forum, it's just a copy of FFXI and nothing new to expect.

And this morning, an email address to just pop in and it's my Google Alert. Finally, a decent FFXIV Review File Front! But all the info I've read all mix up and i dunno which should I believe in.

I need your help guys and I make me decided to buy it or not. Just put a comment below and tally it before the weekend, if it is worth it or not.

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