Sep 16, 2010

Is it really worth it?

While you can buy the game using your world of warcraft gold at first from many shops from as little as $20 - when you've invested the money and time obligatory to raise your game character's experience level and supply it with the best virtual property, the value of the account might have increased to over 2,000 US greenbacks. Put these facts along with real life villains and it's not a big surprise that there are real threats to account security. Scammers, keyloggers, phishing sites and other malicious efforts to snag accounts are common.   Some efforts are broad ; e-mail based phishing ploys using fake Paypal messages, assertions of undelivered packages, reports of contest prize, and other sorts of bait to catch the thoughtless. Other efforts are private and closely targeted, like the monsters hanging about in the dark alleys of Stormwind and Orgrimmar, the capital cities in the game. Within the context of playing the game, where it's simple to get happy with the smiling, lovable tiny personality with whom you are grouped, it is also easily forgotten that behind the snuggly small dwarf is a total stranger. Just piece of recommendation be cautious to possible crime. Keep your passwords to oneself. Use a Blizzard Authenticator.

Do not be lured by offers that are too fantastic to be true, and never visit suspicious links. Buy WoW Gold Cheap and other virtual game items and accessories just from credible firms. 

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